Mast Motorsports has long been an engine builder specializing in those other engines. However, the company has come to realize there’s opportunity on the Ford side of the fence, as well. Using the expertise it applied to those other engines, Mast Motorsports has a couple options for us Ford guys and gals.

Starting with a 5.2-Liter Coyote engine, this offering uses a Boss 302 block, a Callies stroker crank and rods, and Mahle forged pistons for the short-block. Up top, the 5.2-Liter uses CNC-ported heads, a Ford Performance intake and throttle-body, and a Dailey 5 Stage dry sump option is also available.

On the display engine, Mast Motorsports had American Racing Headers’ long-tubes. If that’s the route you’d like to go with your build, Mast can get you set up with them, as well.
Checking out the front of the Mast Motorsports display engine, you get a glimpse of the Ford Performance throttle-body, electric water pump, ATI Super Damper, and optional Dailey Engineering 5 Stage dry sump oil pump.

If a 5.2-Liter isn’t enough, Mast also has a 5.4-Liter VooDoo engine available. Using a Shelby GT350 VooDoo block, Mast again uses a Callies stroker crank and rods, and Mahle oversized forged piston for the short block. Keeping with the engine’s VooDoo theme, the 5.2-Liter uses CNC-ported Shelby GT350 heads, along with a Ford Performance intake and throttle-body. Just like with the 5.2-Liter, a Dailey Engineering 5 Stage dry sump option is available on the 5.4-Liter, as well.

If either of these options sound like what you need, check them out at , or call them at 866.551.4916.

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