Police are responding to an apparent shooting incident at Virginia Motorsports Park on Saturday night that’s left at least two and possibly more shot.

Authorities from many surrounding jurisdictions responded to the scene.

The incident came during the 2nd Annual Spring Fest, which, according to CBS6, featured rappers Lil Boosie, Cardi B, a bike rally and a car show.

WWBT reported that, according to sources, as many as seven people were taken to the hospital though police have not confirmed a number. Nor are severity of potential injuries known at this time.

One person was also reported to be hit by a car during the hysteria.

This is still a developing story and we are working to learn the facts of what happened. What we do know is that police responded in full force and the emergency responders have been dispatched to the scene.

Below is a picture of the park from years ago.

Brent Lamb told the news station he was waiting for Lil Boosie to perform when he heard shots fired. He said people ran as soon they heard the shots and that the shooting didn’t stop for 20 minutes.

WTVR’s senior reporter Wayne Covil had this to say about what he’s learned:

We will update this story when we learn more.

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