(Photos by David Whealon) – We know that this event was run some time ago but the reality is that the production company for the television show, “Street Outlaws: No Prep Kings” had rules regarding when stuff could be published about the event and those rules were simple. After the show has been on TV, you can run all the photos you want. So here we are.

No-prep drag racing is a controversial portion of the drag racing landscape these days because of the fact that people perceive it as being unnecessarily dangerous and out of control in comparison to other forms of the sport that are run on prepared tracks. There’s an idea that the wreckage mounts up quickly and that there’s an outlaw culture which surrounds this part of drag racing. Welp, we’re not sure either of those things are true. We have seen more than our fair share of crashes on prepped tracks in 2018 and before. The whole culture surrounding no-prep has evolved to the point that what was once a punch of young street racer punks gathering up to gamble has turned into a very popular national television series where competitors race for tens of thousands of dollars and do so in cars worth hundreds of thousands of dollars. Crazy, right?

This event at GALOT Motorsports Park and all the others on No Prep Kings were massive successes. They packed houses from end to end and gave people good entertainment. Check out this first collection of photos and we’ll be back with more tomorrow!

Oh, and the car in the lead photo? Yes, it was delivered from the factory as a real SS409 machine and the car owner still has the engine. Steel roof, steel quarters, and a fighting weight of way more than 3,000lbs. Awesome!

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